AirHub for Government Free Evaluation

Evaluation Registration (AirHub for Government)

Updated November 2020

Start your AirHub for Government free 6 month evaluation and help safely integrate drones into our national airspace and into your communities.

What’s Included in the Free Evaluation?

  • AirHub for Government – Standard Package, which includes the following:
    • Ability to establish advisories for all types of incidents, assigning different risk profiles to areas throughout the community to provide local insight to drone operators.
    • Preloaded base hazard and risk dataset(s)
    • Ability to publish authoritative static and dynamic advisories into AirHub for Pilots 
    • Unlimited number of AirHub of Pilot accounts and unlimited number of LAANC authorizations 
  • Single Sign On capability with AirHub for Pilots (our flight planning and authorization solution for pilots)

What’s Next?

  • User jurisdiction verification and kickoff meeting
  • Sandbox testing and training environment setup
  • AirHub for Government GIS data onboarding and training
  • Data review and publish to production

Ready to Give AirHub for Government a try?

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