Data Platform

Developer-oriented services delivering community-managed hazards and risk within your UAS applications

We broker the connection between UAS applications and the communities drones operate in to deliver the 'last mile' of data services and visualizations. Think of us as your community engagement specialists.

Most Authoritative Data

Communities author and publish authoritative hazard and risk data through our AirHub™ for Gov toolsets. Data is aggregated and made available via programming interfaces to be used within your applications.

Federally Compliant Services

As an FAA-approved Unmanned Systems Supplier, our APIs compliment and adhere to the federal standards associated with the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability. You may also provide immediate LAANC capability within your app through deep-linking options.

Dynamic & Static Datasets

Data and visualizations are delivered as both static and dynamic datasets. Operation parameters will affect the modeled output, aligning api results with your operation precisely and ensuring optimal results.


Embeddable APIs and services for just-in-time operational planning and risk awareness for your applications

Building Authoritative APIs

Our approach to delivering the highest quality data services to your organization, applications, and processes:

Ready to Get Started?

Jump into the documentation now. Our APIs are growing every week. We're happy to discuss use cases that more precisely match the needs of your business if we don't quite align with your process flow today.