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What are 'highways in the skies'?

In short, they are the routes over your communities that are safe, legal, and in harmony with other flights in the sky and the people and environment below. Sound complicated? It is. However, our data framework shows the way applying all the relevant data relating to the operation, regulations, safety, infrastructure, environmental factors and more to an algorithm to calculate the best possible path for a single flight or dynamic corridors for re-occurring flights.

What is LAANC?

LAANC is the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a collaboration between FAA and Industry. LAANC directly supports UAS integration into the airspace. Specifically, LAANC provides drone pilots with access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet, awareness of where pilots can and cannot fly and air traffic professionals with visibility into where and when drones are operating.

Does Airspace Link provide tools for pilots in my community to submit authorization requests through LAANC?

Yes. As a LAANC supplier, Airspace Link is rolling out a suite of tools that enable pilots to submit drone operations with the most accurate community data available today

What does Airspace Link offer local governments to communicate relevant information to pilots to support safe drone ops?

Airspace Link has developed AirHubâ„¢ for Government to provide drone pilots in their community local authoritative ground risk data and advisories combined with airspace data in real-time to help pilots plan safe operations.