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AirHub™ for Pilots is a mobile and desktop friendly FAA-approved Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) UAS Service Supplier application.

LAANC is available at 726 airports across the United States.

LAANC Services offered: Part 107 Day and Night Authorizations, Part 107 Further Coordination, and Exception for Recreational Flying/Section 44809.


We provide Part 107 and recreational drone operators the most sophisticated pre-flight risk assessment, greater situational awareness, and the opportunity to receive automated FAA-approved Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) approval to fly in controlled airspace (under 400′) in just a few clicks.

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How to Get Started

Step 1: Create New Pilot Account

As an AirHub™ pilot, you’ll see when and where you can receive automated approvals from participating Air Traffic locations. You’ll need access to your email address to validate your account but can be creating new LAANC submissions in just a few moments.

Step 2: Find Operation Location OR Fly Now!

After creating your account and logging in, locate the operation location using an address, a name, or perhaps just the geographic coordinates; or feel free to manually navigate using the map. The app will visualize FAA data as you navigate.

You may also hit the Fly Now! button which will allow operators to create a flight by automatically creating a circle sketch at their current location. This, coupled with the app now pre-filling the Operation Name, allows for creating a flight in just two clicks!

Step 3: Define Operation Parameters

The basics of an operation consist of a name, a start time (and duration), the pilot in command (who will be operating or supervising the drone), and the area you intend to fly. Don’t worry, we’ll help make sure you stay on track as you input your data.

Step 4: Request Authorization from FAA

The 4th and final step is to request authorization from the FAA (if necessary). We’ll let you know if submission is not required. Sometimes the operation is divided up into multiple areas if we need to submit to different Air Traffic Control. We’ll handle that too.

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What is LAANC and Flying In Controlled Airspace

LAANC stands for the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability. It’s a partnership between the FAA and private industry (like Airspace Link) to safely integrate small drones into the national airspace. Flying around or near controlled airspace is strictly regulated by the FAA. ALL Part 107 and recreational drone operators require FAA LAANC authorization before an operation can take place in controlled airspace. The good news is that now you can receive LAANC authorization using AirHub™ for Pilots in just seconds! LAANC is now available at 537 air traffic facilities and 726 airports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AirHub™ for Pilots have a native application?

While there is currently no native application for AirHub™ for Pilots for mobile devices, you can follow the simple instructions in the Drone Pilot Resources section below to add an AirHub™ for Pilots shortcut on the home screen of your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. The best part about our web application, all versions are updated in real-time, eliminating the need to continually check if you are on the latest version to utilize the latest capabilities.

How can I get access to LAANC?

It’s easy! Airspace Link supplies LAANC services by directly integrating them into our AirHub™ for Pilots app. Just create your pilot account, log in and get started!

I fly drones for fun. Do I need LAANC?

Yes! LAANC is a platform for all drone pilots to submit operations while flying in controlled airspace (under 400'). This requirement exists for both Recreational Flyers and Certified Remote Pilots flying under Part 107.

How are flights approved?

This depends on when and where you're flying. Your desired altitude + the operation location will affect the types of operations you may submit. In many cases you may qualify for an authorization in near real-time. Alternatively, your operation may require further coordination. This means a human will need to manually approve the operation before it's legal to fly You may request both authorization types up to 90 days in advance. In both cases, you can use our simple web planning tools to plan and submit your operation.

How do I know where it's safe to fly?

Answering this question is the core tenet of the LAANC capability. Through our application, you receive support in understanding where you may or may not operate a drone. This includes help in identifying flight risks, understanding limits on flight altitude and other advisories that may affect your planning.

What if I'm not in controlled airspace?

No matter where you fly in the United States, your altitude must remain below 400' above ground level and your drone must remain in visual line-of-sight at all times. Other community advisories may exist; we can help with that too.

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