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March 14, 2023
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Announces the Launch of the FlySafe Program, powered by AirHub®
The Sheboygan County Planning & Conservation Office is proud to announce the launch of the FlySafe Program, powered by AirHub®, aimed at safely integrating drones into the community. With the increasing popularity and accessibility of drones, the County recognizes the need to ensure they are used responsibly and in accordance with regulations.
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February 23, 2023
Dawn of Drones | Ep 83: Michael Healander, President & CEO, Airspace Link
Join Dawn and Airspace Link CEO & Co-Founder Michael Healander as they discuss how the company continues leading the industry's future by aligning community and other stakeholders to advance the safe integration of drones into the national airspace. Learn about Airspace Link's flagship technologies (including the new cutting edge AirHub® Portal) and holistic leadership (UAS Integration Framework approach and diversity initiatives) as they help forge the future of!
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February 17, 2023
Cities’ Role to Play in America’s Growing Drone Economy
America’s cities are starting to see the positive impacts that drones operating at scale will have on society, from the environment to the economy. Most cities are already seeing an increase in drone use for a multitude of applications, including public safety, medical and retail package delivery, infrastructure inspection, and more. As we look forward to this emerging technology’s integration into the skies, implementing and advancing drone infrastructure more quickly could help American cities modernize while complementing and reducing the burden on traditional infrastructure.

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AirHub® Launch is a free application for recreational and Part 107 drone pilots to easily plan, visualize and authorize their drone operations.

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AirHub® Connect empowers State and Local governments to participate in the safe integration of drones into their communities. The use of drones is rising, and with it comes substantial economic and environmental benefits. AirHub® Connect can help your community get started, safely.

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AirHub® Insights provides actionable insights, based on your specific ConOps and risk profiles, to integrate into your drone operations at scale.