Last month, Airspace Link was honored at the Michigan Venture Capital Association Annual Awards with the “Up and Coming Company of the Year” Award. This marks the latest in a mounting list of awards the company has received within just the past year.

Airspace Link was recognized in August as one of Michigan’s top 100 “Cool Places to Work” by Crain’s Detroit Business. The first year that Airspace Link submitted and was honored with this distinguishment, it was also named #3 Small Company and #4 Overall Top 100.

Crain’s Detroit Business partners with Best Companies Group out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which ranks the applicants based on data from an extensive employer questionnaire and on the results of confidential, company-wide employee surveys with questions on company benefits, workplace culture, quality of leadership, and other aspects of work. Any Michigan company with at least 15 employees can participate.

Airspace Link continues to distinguish itself as a “cool” employer through its strong employer brand that prides itself on equitable work culture, humble leadership, and a remote-first work environment.

Among the celebration of awards, Airspace Link welcomed our 50th employee, marking a significant milestone in the growth path of our company. In light of such substantial milestones and accomplishments, Airspace Link’s Co-Founder & VP of Customer Success, Ana Healander, and Head of People Operations, Yuliya Messieha, are sharing their perspectives on how Airspace Link has been able to keep such a “cool”, award-winning culture during such rapid growth over the past few years.


Q: Why is culture so important to Airspace Link? Has it always been a focus for you as a Co-Founder?

A: We decided early on that we wanted to be a unique company where our culture was always top of mind. We wanted a place where we welcomed all different kinds of backgrounds, both work-related and culturally. That has made our work environment fun and super supportive. We will always continue to work on improving, but I think we have done a great job.

Q: How does Airspace Link distinguish itself from a culture perspective?

A: Our company is made up of progressive thinkers and innovators. It’s not just geospatial technology that drives us, but our shared vision of progressing humanity forward. That vision translates to everything we do, from how we treat one another, to how we think about social equity, the environment, and the economy. That’s why DEI is at the core of our culture. The company was founded on the premise that the “big brain” has many different voices at the table. It’s the very fabric of our organization.


Q: As remote work has become the new norm, many organizations struggle to maintain a vibrant culture amidst geographical distribution. What programs or practices support a positive remote environment for your team members?

A: Virtual collaboration is no substitute for live team interaction, so we strive to find the right balance and make use of both live and virtual work events. That means bringing teams together live to connect and solve big problems and balancing that with frequent virtual touchpoints that include regular team huddles and one on ones with various social gatherings mixed in to boost energy and realign.

Q. What are the programs unique to Airspace Link that employees have mentioned appreciating the most?

A: Our virtual social hours solicit a lot of great feedback. It’s an opportunity to step away from your desk and be intentional about connecting with colleagues in a virtual world. We also love the many community events that bring us together, such as volunteering at a local food bank, running the Detroit marathon together, or donating to a worthy cause like Ruth Harris House in Detroit, which supports LGBTQ youth, or Ukrainian families that directly received funds from our employer matched donations.