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Just as today's ground transportation requires a system of roads with speed limits, traffic lights and traffic alerts to drivers, drone operators in the sky require similar infrastructure to fly safely. Our AirHub™ Platform provides that digital infrastructure or "maps in the sky" to help drone pilots, government and business stakeholders plan and optimize their operations, while prioritizing safety. Built on top of the Esri platform with the addition of FAA and third-party data sets, think of us as the Waze or Google Maps for drones. We've transformed this detailed data into easy-to-understand risk assessments and routing tools to help all parties in the drone ecosystem better plan, authorize and manage their drone operations; allowing them to scale safely. Our risk and safe route determination models are proprietary, but leverage industry standards and research building upon JARUS, NASA, FAA Assure, and MITRE’s contributions. Learn more about our individual, specialized AirHub™ products below.

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Professional Services

With our team’s deep experience working in emerging technology, we know it can be a challenge to add something else to your already packed list of priorities. We offer customized professional service offerings to give you access to our experts, resources, and data. We can help with training, integration, advanced analytics, rapid solutions and more.

In short, we let you relax while we handle the hard stuff and get you the results you need, quickly.

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Data as a Service

We have curated an ever-growing repository of data that is relevant to managing or operating within a drone ecosystem and transformed the data to specifically support drones. Our AirHub Insights data provides nationwide coverage of broad thematic areas such as Drone Facility Maps, Utilities, Land Use – Land Cover, Utilities, Transportation Infrastructure, Recreational Areas, Jurisdictions, Property, Air Traffic, Ground Traffic, Population, Terrain, Obstructions, Natural Features, Built Infrastructure, Advisories and more.

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