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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where the safe integration of drones fuels human progress, advancing social equity, the environment, and the economy.

We believe in the power and importance of infrastructure.

Every few decades a major inflection point in the world’s infrastructure progresses humanity forward. Vanderbilt and the railroads, Edison and the electrical grid, Eisenhower and the highways and now; Airspace Link’s low altitude digital infrastructure.

Our mission is to enable the safe integration of drones into the national airspace and communities at scale through digital infrastructure, strategic partnerships and thought leadership.

Our team includes data scientists, software engineers, aviation engineers, and industry experts from Google, Lyft, GE Aviation/AiRXOS, Geometri, GISinc, Ford Motor Company, Amazon Prime Air, and the U.S. Air Force to name a few.

Strategically Partnered for Success

At Airspace Link, we know the strongest foundation for the future is built when we work together. We’ve partnered with the top companies, organizations, committees and advocacy groups in the industry to help advance our mission of safely integrating drones into the national airspace and into communities at scale.

  • Thales
  • ESRI Partner Network - Silver
  • Women and Drones
  • National League of Cities
  • AUVSI - All Things Unmanned
  • Commercial Drone Alliance
  • Drone Responders
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Changing The World Through Drone Integration

Social Equity

As we've seen in other areas of infrastructure, access can inhibit social equity. We believe with the safe scaling of drones, we can reduce barriers to high demand, high paying jobs as commercial drone pilots, provide inexpensive delivery of critical services to those with reduced mobility, and so much more. We've built this company to make the world better, for everyone.

The Environment

In just 5 years, the implementation of drone delivery in a single U.S. metropolitan area could reduce up to 113,900 tons per year of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 46,000 acres per year of new forest. The more drones we can scale, the more CO2 emissions we can reduce.

The Economy

With so many use cases for drones to improve and advance industries from package delivery to precision agriculture to pipeline inspection, the commercial drone market presents an enormous opportunity for global economic interests. We're here to enable it all.

Founder Story

As a drone pilot and enthusiast himself, Michael Healander saw early on the challenges that the drone industry would face as it began slowly growing. Envisioning the positive impact that drones at scale could provide to economies and quality of life for people around the globe, Michael developed his concept of safe infrastructure to enable that progress.

What started as an idea was brought to life as the three co-founders put their heads together to create Airspace Link's AirHub® platform: a low altitude digital infrastructure designed to support the safe scaling of drones. The Airspace Link team is a family; both figuratively and literally. Michael and Daniel spent years working together on geospatial solutions prior to this collaboration, and Ana, who happens to also be married to Michael, brought her deep expertise in customer success and sales to support the product launch.

Today, the company is focused on bringing their vision to life through digital infrastructure, strategic partnerships, and thought leadership.

Leadership Team

Michael Healander

Co-Founder, President & CEO

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Michael is a business leader, entrepreneur and innovator of new ideas and business processes within larger organizations as well as startups. He works closely with executive teams and key leaders to craft and communicate the company’s vision, and then transform that vision into a long-term strategy for pioneering new markets and opportunities.

Ana Healander

Co-Founder, VP of Customer Success

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Ana has 20 years of sales management and account management experience. She is well rounded in direct sales, insides sales, and customer management. Ana also has 13 years of experience as a co-owner and franchise manager and operator.

Daniel Bradshaw

Co-Founder, CTO & VP of Engineering

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Working 20 years as both an engineering designer and a designing engineer, Danny has crafted a unique left-right-brained perspective on the creation, distribution, and consumption of the technical digital medium. In short, if his left and right brains were hands, he’d be ambidextrous.

Bill Johnson


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Bill is an operationally-oriented CFO that has spent his entire career working with growth-oriented organizations to scale their businesses from inception to transaction. From architecting financial structure to creation & streamlining of business processes, Bill has a track record of melding mature company discipline with small business flexibility in a way that information can flow to decision makers for action & improvement. Bill has also guided the international expansion of operations in several venture / PE-backed companies that are growing from start-up to scale.

Colby Free

VP of Product

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Colby is a driven and personable professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for value-based innovation with 20 years of direct experience in public-private Organization Development, Program Management, Operations Project Delivery, Talent Resource Planning, Contract Management and Business Development.

Sonny Beech

VP of Business Development

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Sonny is a high-performing executive with experience in every aspect of developing, transforming, and evolving a successful organization. With a proven track record of managing strategic relationships to delivering optimal results in high-growth environments through sales initiatives that exceed performance targets and yield measurable outcomes, we’re honored to have Sonny on the Airspace Link Leadership team and lead our Business Development team.

Yuliya Messieha

Head of People Operations

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Yuliya has 15 years of experience consulting with hundreds of high-growth startups on human resources, risk management, and company culture. She is a modern HR leader who is committed to accelerating the contribution of HR to the stakeholders. Graduate of MSU’s reputable HR and Labor Relations school, Yuliya’s passions for high tech and the human experience have found a perfect home at Airspace Link.

For Pilots

AirHub® Portal is a free application for recreational and Part 107 drone pilots to easily plan, visualize and authorize their drone operations.

For Government

AirHub® Portal empowers State and Local governments to participate in the safe integration of drones into their communities. The use of drones is rising, and with it comes substantial economic and environmental benefits. AirHub® can help your community get started, safely.

For Business

AirHub® Insights provides actionable insights, based on your specific ConOps and risk profiles, to integrate into your drone operations at scale.