State & Local Government

Drones are coming. In fact, they're already here and scaling quickly.

We provide digital infrastructure that empowers state and local governments to make informed decisions and participate in the management of the safe growth of drone operations in their communities.

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Why AirHub™ for Government?

Just as today’s ground transportation requires a system of roads with speed limits, traffic lights and traffic alerts to drivers, drone operators in the sky will require similar infrastructure to fly safely. AirHub™ for Government provides that digital infrastructure or “maps in the sky” to help drone pilots in your area understand the safest routes to fly at any given time.

Communities using AirHub™ for Government are increasing their residents safety today while attracting economic opportunities from the emerging drone industry, reducing CO2 emissions by replacing delivery trucks with drones, and improving quality of life for their citizens with things like medical delivery and convenient food deliveries.

AirHub™ for Government leverages existing Esri investments, geospatial information, and asset management systems, making it easy to onboard with us and get your community prepared today.

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What Are the Benefits
to Your Community?

Over 5 years, in a single U.S. metropolitan area, drone delivery could:

Serve up to 53.9% of the population

Recover up to $582.5M per year in total time savings for consumers

Support the 3.6-6.6% of metropolitan residents who lack access to a vechicle

As many as 66,000 people in a single metropolitan area

Help 22,000 people with mobility challenges to obtain their prescription medication

Generate up to $284,000 per year in new annual sales for a participating local business

Up to 250% additional sales compared to a scenario without drones

Avoid up to 294 million miles per year in road use and up to 580 car crashes per year

Reduce up to 113,900 tons per year of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 46,000 acres per year of new forest

Use Cases

Detroit Aerotropolis (Economic Development)
Ontario, CA (Economic Development)
Syracuse, NY (Medical Delivery)
Ohio (Medical Delivery)
North Dakota (BVLOS/BEYOND Program)

How can we help your team?

We've worked with officials across the board to increase safety and unlock economic opportunity

Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Safely integrate drones across communities, building drone corridors based on FAA and localized ground risk data

Economic Development Managers

Provide advanced infrastructure to attract manufacturing & tech companies and enable drone services to existing businesses

Public Safety Officials

Support your public safety drone pilots with better data for situational awareness and publish real time advisories to your drone community

UAS Program Managers

Increase the safety of your program today

Aviation & Aeronautics Directors

Utilize ground based risk data to support safety cases for advanced operations

IT & GIS Specialists

Go deeper with your data to plan, prepare and communicate with your drone community

We make it easy to get started today

The Airspace Link community FLYSAFE Program, powered by AirHub™, is a turn-key solution for enabling communities and government agencies to easily publish current drone rules, policies, advisories, and other important information about drone operations tailored for your community.

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