AirHub® Portal

Uniting the Skies, Streamlining Workflows

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AirHub® Portal is a streamlined application that combines functions required to plan, manage, and operate drones in one convenient application. 

From local communities to private Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators, users across the industry can leverage Airhub Portal to enhance their planning, operating, and administrative workflows to enable safe drone operations in the National Airspace and communities at scale. 

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FAA- Approved LAANC & B4UFLY Provider



Check the skies for official updates, local alerts, and weather conditions before you take off. 



Craft detailed operational strategy that ensures your readiness for launch approval.




Ensure you're fully aware of the airspace surroundings throughout your operational flights. 



Keep your crew, assets, and flight logs meticulously updated and easily accessible.

Powerful Features

Airhub Portal is engineered to transform you planning process, arming you with the necessary tools to navigate both local and federal regulations with ease.

Airspace Discovery

Interactive maps powered by Esri, featuring an extensive library of over 50 data sets, designed to keep you updated on the latest airspace advisories and restrictions

Operation Planning

Craft your detailed flight strategy and secure required approvals to ensure compliance with airspace rules and regulations

Advanced Weather

Weather data that empowers you to forecast, enhance your decision-making capabilities, and address any weather or climate-related issue with confidence

Stadium Events

Keep yourself updated with current and future events taking place at nearby stadiums to guarantee full compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations

UAS Traffic

Stay ahead with access to both historical and almost instantaneous traffic updates for your vicinity, enabling you to spot developing patterns and trends close to home

Conflict Detection

Identify potential hazards through notifications when you or your teams activities intersect in both time and location.

AirHub-Portal-Conflict Detection
HexGen Profiles

Configure HexGen profiles, save them to your organization, and utilize these profiles for creating route-based operations or to asses operational area hazards

Marketplace Apps

From planning to data analysis, seamlessly integrate your favorite apps to create a workspace that adapts perfectly to your unique preferences and needs

Who Uses AirHub® Portal?


Focused on individual operators utilizing drones for hobbies, photography, and leisure activities, AirHub® Portal offers an intuitive interface to understand the airspace, plan operations, and quickly apply for Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) authorization when flying in controlled airspace.


AirHub® Portal provides an optimized platform for Part 107 pilots and companies, equipping users with integrated access to the authoritative data and various tools needed to facilitate secure, regulation-compliant commercial drone operations.


AirHub® Portal is the only FAA-integrated solution supporting critical state and local government drone operations, providing a straightforward digital infrastructure to efficiently make informed decisions and safely manage ongoing community drone expansion plans.


Platform Advantages

Esri GIS Technology   Esri

Our strategic partnership with Esri, the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) location intelligence and mapping, grants exclusive access to premier technology and global data, uniquely positioning us as the leading UTM option.

Data Integration 

A platform inclusive of over 50 authoritative aviation and UAS industry-specific datasets, facilitating advanced ground and air risk analysis capabilities.

Strategic Assessment   

Data-driven, deterministic approach to site selection, geographical assessments, and support with certifications, waivers, and approvals for advanced operations.

Cross Platform 

Comprehensive compatibility across all major platforms, including Desktop, Mobile, PWA (Progressive Web App), and Native App, with added OTA (Over-The-Air) updates for seamless, instant improvements and feature enhancements.

Universal Solution

The only technology provider supporting all UAS stakeholders: operators, managers, planners, and directors, both industry and public.

Integration Support   

A complete suite of solutions that showcase the extensive capabilities of our UAS management platform, backed by an expert support team to help you achieve your UAS integration goals.