The Airspace Link Difference

Safer Operations. Safer Communities.

Drone operations can often be confusing for both pilots and the communities they fly in. Our mission is to provide the data and resources communities and pilots need to ensure safer drone activities beneficial for all.



Airspace Link is an FAA Approved UAS Service Supplier (USS) of the Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability (LAANC), providing drone pilots with access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet.

State & Local Government

State & Local Government

Communities partnered with Airspace Link provide drone pilots with authoritative ground risk data and local advisories in near real-time. Combined with federal airspace data, operations have never been more informed.

Drone Industry / Pilots

Drone Industry / Pilots

Drone pilots receive a broader operational picture prior to submitting LAANC flight authorizations. Integrating local ground based data ensures pilots quickly understand all relevant information prior to take-off.

Introducing AirHub™

Airspace Link’s AirHub™ is the first cloud-based drone platform focused exclusively on merging the needs of state & local government with the operational planning tools pilots already use.

  • Enables the drone industry to use the safest drone operational locations or routes in the community.
  • Provides single authoritative data source across multiple levels of government.
  • Protects citizens' safety while supporting drone operations with clear advisory risk areas.

One of the primary challenges communities face are pilots unfamiliar or unaware of the changing and often dynamic local and federal landscape for drone risk and regulation. Airspace Link provides web applications and API-driven plugins to enable rule-based guidance and decision making for drone related activities. In short, the AirHub™ platform provides both pilot and government drone operation planning tools.

Our mission is to help communities safely manage drone integration while building new economic development opportunities for businesses and citizens.

Drones are increasingly ubiquitous. AirHub™ realizes their potential, safely.

Working With Your Community

Drone operations are occurring in your community every day. With AirHub™ for Government, local governments author and publish authoritative data, communicating ground based risk augmenting regulations pilots use in Airspace Link's flight planning tools.

Building Optimal Operational Areas

Federal and local data is aggregated into comprehensive view of high and low risk areas within your community. Natural drone "corridors" begin organically presenting themselves. These 'highways in the skies' are put to work for your drone operations, maximizing safety to both the operation as well as those on the ground.

Better Industry Visibility

As communities build advisory areas, Airspace Link's AirHub for Government provides tools to assess the impact to drone operations and understand and simulate the impact of having too many advisory locations. This empowers both the community and the industry as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are highways in the skies?

By pre-processing aerial and ground-based risk data, optimal areas (in terms of safety) begin organically presenting themselves. These pre-processed corridors are potential drone flight corridors.

I'm a certified remote pilot, do you provide tools for me to submit operations for LAANC approval?

Yes. As a LAANC supplier, Airspace Link is rolling out a suite of tools that enable pilots to submit drone operations with the most accurate community data available today.

What is LAANC?

LAANC is the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a collaboration between FAA and Industry. LAANC directly supports UAS integration into the airspace. Specifically LAANC provides drone pilots with access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet, awareness of where pilots can and cannot fly and air traffic professionals with visibility into where and when drones are operating.

Is Your Community Ready?

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