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AirHub® API for Developers

AirHub API delivers community and national hazards, risk analytics, and more to your drone applications. We broker the connection between drone applications and the communities drones operate in to deliver the 'last mile' of data services and visualizations. Think of us as your community engagement specialists.

Top Use Cases

Drone Hardware Manufacturers

Empower your drone hardware capabilities with Airspace Link’s “Google maps for drones” including planning, routing and authorization capabilities when required.

Drone Software Providers

Embed authorization capabilities accompanied with powerful mapping, routing, and planning solutions based on Esri GIS and federal, state and local authoritative data.

Drone Services Companies

Embed authorization capabilities accompanied with powerful mapping, routing, and planning solutions based on Esri GIS and federal, state and local authoritative data directly into your pilot’s workflows.

Air Traffic Control Providers

Seamlessly support current air traffic control systems with the integration of low altitude digital infrastructure,

Services Overview

Embeddable APIs for just-in-time operational planning and risk awareness for your applications.
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Real-Time Community Advisories

While the FAA provides the rules and regulations for airspace in the US, communities need the ability to publish local advisories to provide additional information to operators when planning their drone operations. Communities input these local advisories into the AirHub Connect platform, which can be provided through the AirHub™ APIs.

Operational Hazard & Risk

Hazard and risk assessment is an important part of the UAS ecosystem. The FAA publishes well established guidelines on how operations should behave with respect to population and other ground-based risk. This set of API resources will help developers quantify these hazards and their associated risk within a geographic boundary.

Logistics & Planning

For more advanced use cases, the AirHub™ APIs provide advanced logistical & planning tools such as complex routing algorithms; built on diverse suitability surfaces constructed from dozens of local and national datasets, weighted to meet the specific requirements of your operational parameters.

LAANC Deep Linking

To support commercial & recreational (LAANC) authorizations within 3rd-party applications, the API allows the creation of operations for deep-linking workflows. Each operation includes information such as pilot name and contact information, operation start time and duration, requested altitude, and the operation boundary (shape).

Get started

Jump into the documentation now. Our APIs are growing every week. We’re happy to discuss use cases that more precisely match the needs of your business if we don’t quite align with your process flow today.

For Pilots

AirHub Launch is a free application for recreational and Part 107 drone pilots to easily plan, visualize and authorize their drone operations.

For Government

AirHub Connect empowers State and Local governments to participate in the safe integration of drones into their communities. The use of drones is rising, and with it comes substantial economic and environmental benefits. AirHub Connect can help your community get started, safely.

For Business

AirHub Insights provides actionable insights, based on your specific ConOps and risk profiles, to integrate into your drone operations at scale.