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AirHub® Portal

The next generation of AirHub®
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Integrating and operating drones is a difficult proposition, made harder by siloed applications to complete workflows and a lack of communication across stakeholders.

AirHub® Portal provides users access to a multitude of features and functions to meet their unique operational needs and enables the sharing of information across all user types, both within their own organization and externally, all in one single application.

From local communities to private UAS operators, users across the industry can leverage AirHub® Portal to enhance their planning, operating, and administrative workflows to enable safe operations in the National Airspace and in communities at scale.

AirHub® Portal provides unparalleled data and powerful, intuitive tools, giving users access to:

  • Airspace Awareness
  • Authoritative & Enterprise Advisories
  • Mission Planning
  • Advanced & Dynamic Routing
  • Custom Risk Profiling
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • UAS Traffic
  • Fleet Management Integration

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Now Available for Download on iOS and Android

AirHub® Portal: The Next Generation of AirHub®

Bringing It All Together

AirHub® Portal brings together functions required to plan for, manage, and operate drones into one convenient application.

State & Local Government

  • Planning & Management - Understand your communities unique airspace, publish advisories to drone pilots in your community, and analyze historical data in one convenient app.
  • Drone Operations - Plan, visualize, and authorize your flight in one convenient location, enabling flight details to be published directly to users on the Planning & Management side.

Private & Commercial Drone Operators

  • Part 107 & Recreational Pilots - Plan, visualize and authorize your drone flight in one convenient location.
  • Advanced Operators - Access advanced insights, risk analytics, routing, and management tools to streamline workflows and elevate your UAS activities.

Crew & Asset Management

Navigate the intricate landscape of drone management, pilot compliance, asset optimization, regulatory adherence, and data-driven decision-making with Crew & Asset Management
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The Crew & Asset Management feature within AirHub® Portal provides organizations with robust tools for overseeing drone aircraft and pilot activities. It facilitates the tracking of drone registration, usage, and overall activity, all while managing pilot registration and ensuring crew compliance with organizational policies. Central to this feature is an efficient flight logging system, allowing for swift and intuitive input of flight data, ensuring accurate documentation of all aerial operations.

Crew Management

Track crew activity and status, including the number of flights they have flown, the number of flight hours, and the status of their operator certificate.

Asset Management

Monitor and track aircraft usage including the number of flights they have flown, the flight hours logged on each aircraft, and the registration status of each aircraft.

Flight Logging

Create and manage records of flight activity within an organization to manage compliance and currency.

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How can I access the application?

Users can sign up or sign in directly on the web at or download native iOS and Android mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play.

AirHub Portal comes with the advantage of cross-device compatibility, meaning you can use it through the web on desktop, install it as a local application, or do the same on mobile.

I’m an AirHub Connect user, can I start using AirHub Portal?

The vision of AirHub Portal is to bring all of our AirHub tools into one single pane of glass for our users, and this initial launch is just the first step. You can expect to transition your AirHub Connect workflows at the end of this month, and your Customer Success Manager will be in touch with all of those details. In the meantime, all of your advisories published in AirHub Connect will now publish into AirHub Portal for local drone pilots to view.

Any of your organization’s users currently relying on AirHub to plan, visualize and authorize their missions can make the transition over to AirHub Portal now, along with the rest of the AirHub Launch pilots.

Is AirHub Portal free for all users?

Airspace Link generates revenue from infrastructure funds, Federal projects, management fees from governments looking to better support drone operations in their area, and different types of grants as avenues to continue the progression of this infrastructure development that will help the industry advance faster. This enables our free service within AirHub® Portal for recreational and Part 107 pilots to execute and authorize simple operations.

In short, airspace awareness and authorization will continue to be a free service within AirHub Portal.

Is AirHub Portal suitable for recreational and professional drone pilots?

Yes, AirHub Portal caters to both recreational and professional drone pilots. Whether you're a hobbyist or using drones for commercial purposes, the app will equip you with the necessary tools to ensure safe and successful flights.

If I was an AirHub Launch user do I need to create a new account in AirHub Portal?

No, the same username and password you used for AirHub Launch will automatically work for AirHub Portal.

Will I lose any of my operations previously saved in AirHub Launch?

All operations, regardless of if they are in the past or future, will automatically be moved into AirHub Portal.

For Pilots

AirHub® Portal is a free application for recreational and Part 107 drone pilots to easily plan, visualize and authorize their drone operations.

For Government

AirHub® empowers State and Local governments to participate in the safe integration of drones into their communities. The use of drones is rising, and with it comes substantial economic and environmental benefits. AirHub® can help your community get started, safely.

For Business

AirHub® Insights provides actionable insights, based on your specific ConOps and risk profiles, to integrate into your drone operations at scale.