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AirHub® API to Provide LAANC API Deep Linking Capabilities

AirHub® API to Provide LAANC API Deep Linking Capabilities
AirHub® API to Provide LAANC API Deep Linking Capabilities

In today's fast-paced tech environment, APIs are not just a temporary solution but an integral part of successful strategies for global-scale development. Airspace Link's AirHub® API empowers partners to concentrate on their core products and services, eliminating the need to develop specialized functions or specific insights. This approach results in quicker and safer access to national airspace while streamlining operator workflows, making them more efficient and reliable.

“As a LAANC provider since 2019, we understand the needs of our partners and prospective customers. This newly approved LAANC Deep Linking & expanded API capability will greatly streamline the airspace authorization process across the industry. It will make compliance easier across the drone ecosystem, enhancing safety and access for everyone,” says Daniel Bradshaw, Airspace Link Co-Founder & CTO.

This latest approval enhances the comprehensive set of AirHub® API services, which include community and national hazard data, risk analytics, routing, and more. These services connect drone applications with the communities they operate in, delivering the crucial 'last mile' of data and visualizations.

Drone application developers, manufacturers, and service providers are already leveraging many features of the AirHub® API, such as:

  • Real-Time Community Advisories: While the FAA provides rules and regulations for US airspace, local communities can publish advisories to offer additional information to drone operators during their planning. These advisories are inputted into the AirHub® Portal platform and shared through the AirHub® API.

  • Operational Hazard & Risk: Assessing hazard and risk is essential in the UAS ecosystem. The AirHub® API helps developers quantify these hazards and associated risks within specific geographic boundaries, adhering to guidelines from the FAA and other standards bodies.

  • Logistics & Planning: For advanced use cases, the AirHub® API offers sophisticated logistical and planning tools, including complex routing algorithms based on diverse data sets tailored to specific operational requirements.

With this new API integration capability, Airspace Link is poised to further facilitate data exchange, empowering the future of the UAS industry.

The range of AirHub® API services continues to expand. For more detailed information or custom discussions, visit the AirHub API page or contact the team at hello@airspacelink.com.